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 February '13 Issue, Now in PDF:


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       In this issue we’ve made a few small changes we hope you will find to be improvements. Look for:




A new cover and logo. Blending the classic Glider Rider logo and a lean toward Ultralight Flying we hope to clarify renewed emphasis  on all the people who fly, and everything they pilot—with clear preference for sport, emphasizing the most accessible, minimal and safest aircraft available, and yet to come. 

Digital references and links. When we reference Websites, email addresses and other interactive targets you will find the text in color, (or just underlined, if the background is dark) to set these references apart much more clearly. In digital versions these links will often be active. 

Digital Edition. This is the first issue we will also publish in a digital format. We plan to always publish in print, so our many collectors, and those of us who still like holding the news in our hands, need not fear abandonment. To celebrate this change, we’ll distribute this issue freely, and you can look forward to  future digital editions, as they are available as part of your subscription.

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