New Stratomaster Engine Monitoring System From Sport Flying Shop

Cabling from engine probes goes directly to the Stratomaster E2's RDAC (remote data acquisition computer, left). "The Stratomaster E2 EMS (engine monitoring system) interfaces to your engine via a single three-wire cable to the RDAC IV, which is mounted near your engine," explains Matt Liknaitzky of Sport Flying Shop. "All temperature, pressure and fuel probes connect directly into the RDAC IV, ensuring cable lengths are kept to a minimum, and reducing installation time."

Great Britain's MGL Avionics has released their latest instrument deck, the Stratomaster E2 EMS engine monitoring system. The Stratomaster E2 EMS joins the Stratomaster Flight Information System* as complete "all in one" instrument decks marketed for ultralights and light-sport aircraft by Sport Flying Shop (SFS), the accessories company of Aerotrike North American distributor Rainbow Aircraft.

"The Stratomaster E2 EMS is the answer to complete engine management in light aircraft," says Matt Liknaitzky of Sport Flying Shop. "The E2 provides a continuous display (both graphically and numerically) of all important engine parameters, allowing you to monitor and optimize engine performance at a glance."

The E2 can be customized to suit almost any engine, and fits in most sport aircraft instrument panels, SFS indicates. "The E2 interfaces to your engine via a three-wire cable from the separate RDAC IV (remote data acquisition computer), which is mounted near the engine," Liknaitzky explains. "All temperature, pressure and fuel probes connect directly into the RDAC IV, ensuring cable lengths are kept to a minimum and reducing installation time. No more pulling your cockpit apart to introduce a new temperature probe to your instrument cluster ­ simply connect the probe to the RDAC, and reconfigure the E2 to display it."

According to SFS, the problems with other digital engine information systems can be: (1) alphanumeric readouts are difficult to read and comprehend; (2) you may have to page through several screens of information to get to what you're looking for and need; and (3) installation involves a lot of wire between the display and your engine. "The Stratomaster E2 EMS solves all these problems," Liknaitzky says. "The display features graphical as well as alphanumeric readouts and can be customized to suit almost any engine. All information is displayed on one page. And the E2 uses the Stratomaster RDAC, mounted near the engine, which cuts down wiring troubles and makes installation a lot easier." Liknaitzky also notes the "usual benefits of high-quality digital avionics:"

* They are much lighter than traditional analog instruments.
* They fit in most sport aircraft panels.
* They are less expensive than the equivalent analog instruments.
* They offer excellent resistance to vibration and harsh operating conditions.

"The E2 provides a continuous display of all important engine parameters (both graphically and numerically)," Liknaitzky says, "allowing you to monitor and optimize your engine performance at a glance. The backlit display ensures the information is always clearly visible in both poorly lit and direct sunlight conditions. No matter what your engine, the Stratomaster E2 EMS can be configured to display and monitor the parameters you are interested in.

"The E2 lets you concentrate on flying by monitoring the engine, alerting you to any over/under limit conditions with an audible alarm and/or flashing alarm light. And all alarm conditions are under your control, allowing you to set them according to your specific needs."

Functions of the Stratomaster E2 EMS include: exhaust gas temperature (EGT), cylinder head temperature (CHT), water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, engine rpm (tachometer), engine hours, trip timer, maintenance countdown, fuel level, fuel flow, ambient temperature, voltmeter and flight data recorder.

The Stratomaster E2 EMS is "priced from $560 (including shipping)," SFS says. Senders are available separately, the company notes. "Engines supported range from small 2-strokes like a Rotax 447 or Rotax 503 to the more powerful Rotax 582, the Simonini and 2 Stroke International line of engines, and 4-stroke engines, such as HKS, Rotax, Geo Metro, VW, Jabiru, and many more," SFS says.

Sport Flying Shop "is now carrying all Stratomaster avionics systems," the company notes.

*See "Industry Watch: Aerial Adventure Introduces Stratomaster Flight Information System," December '01 Ultralight Flying! magazine; and "Flightlines: Lucian Bartosik Supplies Stratomaster Instrumentation to Sonex," July '02 UF! magazine

­ Buzz Chalmers

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