PHASST in Bond Film

The PHASST ­ designed to carry a paratrooper or skydiver flying in a prone, head forward position ­ has been described as something you wear rather than something you ride. It is contoured to fit the pilot, with the pilot's arms and legs fitting into recesses in the fuselage.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's James Bond on a Kinetic Aerospace PHASST ­ the Programmable High Altitude Single Soldier Transport. PHASST designer Jack McCornack, whose other design credits include the Pterodactyl line of ultralights and numerous powered parachutes, confirmed that the aircraft in the new James Bond movie advertisements and movie trailer were indeed PHASSTs.

"We've been sworn to secrecy since we landed the contract," says McCornack. "That's what we do at Kinetic Aerospace, we do secret stuff. However, with PHASSTs showing up on television, I'd say the cat's out of the bag. So yeah, they're ours."

A story on the PHASST appeared in the September '01 issue of Ultralight Flying! magazine,* but little has been leaked since then. "We even took the photos off the kineticaero Website," McCornack says, "but they'll go back up once the movie is out."

As this issue went to press, Die Another Day, the 20th James Bond film, was slated to be in theaters on November 22. McCornack, who pens the popular "Skywriter" column in Ultralight Flying!, assures us we will have the full story immediately after the release date.

*See "PHASST Makes First Flights," Sept. '01 Ultralight Flying! magazine.