New Internet Site Uses Video

Flight Safety Information Dispensed

A new dot com company is on its way to the Internet. Called UFlySafe, this Website plans to distribute ultralight safety information in video and text format to the general public for free.

"If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then maybe video is worth 1,000 pictures," says Barbara Chambers, in charge of UFlySafe business operations and marketing. "We don't just write about flight safety, we actually show you."

UFlySafe was born from a perceived lack of free quality flight safety information for ultralight pilots. "There is a lot of great information out there, and we want to pull all that info together in one place," explains Chambers. "Websites are the best way to get all the flight safety issues in one place and out to the public for free." She notes that the UFlySafe staff includes an ultralight flight instructor and an ultralight mechanic. "That's a great combination of knowledge and experience. It's like having your very own flight instructor and mechanic looking over your shoulder, helping you along. You should be able to go back and forth, from your ultralight to the videos on your computer, or to the text files provided, and back to your ultralight."

It is recommended that users have high-speed Internet access such as cable or DSL when visiting the Website. "We recommend this so the user can view the video files in a reasonable length of time," explains Chambers. "Most people have cable TV or a telephone line in their homes already, and it's now very easy to add high-speed cable or DSL Internet access to their existing service. If you are using a regular telephone line connection, you can still print the text files, but the video files will take too long to download."

If you can download the files, you can build your own fight safety digital library consisting of downloaded video and printed text. "There would be HTML text files that accompany each video clip," says Chambers. "After the text files are printed, they could be placed in a 3-ring binder ­ a feature I really like. With all that information right at your fingertips, whenever pilots need information on a particular subject, they can go to their hard-copy resource quickly."

For those pilots who don't have computers, the company will be offering CD-ROMS or DVDs for sale.

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