CPS Offerings

California Power Systems is offering IvoProp's mini magnum prop and prop hub. "The hub's new plates (shown right) are knurled, which helps grab real hard and doesn't let the prop move around," explains CPS president Mike Stratman.

California Power Systems (CPS) is offering a number of new flying items this year. Comtronics' full-face helmets - said to be popular with open cockpit ultralight pilots because they want to get the wind off their face - are available in a variety of sizes in 4 different colors.

"We also have IvoProp's mini magnum prop and new prop hub," says CPS president Mike Stratman. "This is ideal for [engines] producing 100 to 200 horsepower. The prop has the same torsional pitch setting and comes up to 72 inches in length. The hub's new plates are knurled, which helps grab real hard and doesn't let the prop move around. You also have a choice of bolt patterns."

CPS is carrying the Rotax Exhaust Ball Joint Conversion Kit from Stream-Line. "This kit takes the place of all the springs and hooks that hold an exhaust system together," explains Stratman. "Remove all the hooks and springs, and it's a simple bolt-on application that actually tensions the joint perfectly, holding the parts in alignment. There's no welding, no springs to bust, nothing to go through the prop. This is a nice item because it takes care of what I consider to be the ugliest part of the airplane. The chances of a prop strike are a whole lot less. You still need to safety-wire it because it is an exhaust part, but the chances of it coming apart are much slimmer than using springs.

"And now older Rotax exhaust manifolds can be upgraded with a new weld-on boss to accept the new-style bayonet EGT senders. The 8mm threaded boss can be tack welded on older manifolds in minutes. Placement at 2 inches from piston port gives a uniform EGT temperature reading. This installation eliminates unsightly hose clamp senders and drilling of exhaust manifolds."

Info: California Power Systems, 790 139th Ave. #4, Dept. UF, San Leandro, CA 94578.
Phone: (510) 357-2403