Skydat GX1

Digital Multi-Instrument

If your ultralight has an electric starter and battery and is powered by a Rotax engine, you have all you need to run the Skydat GX1 - a digital avionics system. 

If you're looking for one all-around instrumentation system, check out the Skydat GX1. It monitors all Rotax engine functions, and includes airspeed, altitude and climb rate readings - all in one package.

Designed and manufactured by Amptronic in South Africa, the Skydat GX1 is available in the U.S. through Rainbow Aircraft.

The unit features functions that can be displayed in three different sets of units: Imperial (UK), Imperial (US) and metric. Most of the functions are displayed in analog format with dials or bar graphs being utilized. Also, there is a visual alarm that warns the pilot if an important engine parameter has been exceeded.

According to the company, one of the great features of the Skydat is the installation. "All senders are connected to the Engine Management Module, which is located in the proximity of the engine," according to Skydat's literature. "This module processes the signals and transmits them via 4 wires to the GX1 instrument face."

The Skydat GX1 shows flight and engine functions. Flight information includes airspeed in kilometers or miles per hour; altitude in meters or feet; vertical speed indicator in m/s or feet per minute; flight duration in hours, minutes and seconds; air temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit; and glide ratio. Engine information includes engine rpm; engine hours in hours and minutes; depending on the type of engine or configuration selected, CHT, EGT or CHT/CHT, EGT/EGT; water and oil temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit; oil pressure, bars or PSI; and battery voltage.

Designed for Rotax engines, the Skydat GX1 "needs clean 12-volt power," says the company. "If the aircraft is fitted with a battery and electric starter, then you will have all you need to run this system. If your aircraft does not have a battery, then you will need to fit a regulator/rectifier to the engine and connect a capacitor to the regulator output."

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