Flightstar Releases Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directive
Flightstar Sportplanes, manufacturer of the Flightstar line of single- and 2-seat ultralights, has issued a service bulletin and an airworthiness directive. The service bulletin affects all Flightstar models equipped with a Rotax 2-stroke engine, and the airworthiness directive affects aircraft manufactured after 1995 that are equipped with the molded cross-link polyethylene 10-gallon fuel tank.

Service Bulletin: Inspection and Replacement of Impulse Line

We are recommending all owners of Flightstar aircraft equipped with Rotax 447, 503 and 582 engines to inspect the impulse line and replace it with new impulse line if found to be opaque and/or rigid," says Flightstar. "The daily preflight inspection of the Rotax found in the manual recommends checking the impulse line daily. The maintenance schedule we supply in our kits recommends closely inspecting the impulse line every 50 hours, with replacement at 150 hours or annually."
Description:  The thick wall (1/4-inch inside diameter to 1/2-inch outside diameter) Tygothane tubing supplied by Flightstar in all kits since 1996. The impulse line is the tubing that runs from the impulse nipple on the lower case of the engine to the fuel pump.

Required Action:  Inspect your aircraft. The fuel pump is operated by the vacuum "impulse" from the crankcase, and if the impulse line is cracked or leaks, the engine could stop, says Flightstar. Inspect the impulse line for flexibility and discoloration. If it is either dark brown or opaque and not flexible, replace it immediately with 1/4- by 1/2-inch Tygon-Tygothane tubing only. Do not use standard fuel line.  

The replacement impulse line can be purchased from Flightstar or Flightstar-approved supplier Lockwood Aviation Supply. Phone: (800) LA-ROTAX.

Airworthiness Directive: Replacement of Fuel Drain Rubber
Grommet with Threaded Plug

We are requiring all owners of Flightstar aircraft manufactured after 1995 that are equipped with the molded cross-link polyethylene 10-gallon fuel tank to replace the rubber grommet and barbed fitting with the threaded drain plug fitting at the sump drain location," says Flightstar.

Required Action:  "We recommend that within 30 days of reading this notice you equip your aircraft with the threaded drain fitting," says Flightstar.

We will supply the fitting for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the parts only. These are available to all owners."

Info: Flightstar, Inc., PO Box 760-UF, Ellington, CT 06029. Phone: (860) 875-8185 * Fax: (860) 875-8185 * e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .