New U.S. Distributor for Mainair Trikes

Florida-Georgia Flight Center Near Gainesville Dickert

British triker Colin Bodill pilots his Blade 912S trike on his solo flight round the world. Mainair Sports Blade 912S trike uses the 100-hp Rotax 912S 4-stroke aircraft engine with electric start, a 2.43-to-1 gearbox reduction drive and a 65-liter (16.9-gallon) fuel tank. The Blade 912 model offers the 81-hp Rotax 912 4-stroke aircraft engine (certified to European JAR 22 standards), with a 2.273-to-1 gearbox reduction drive. - Photo by Paul Tomlin

Mainair Sports, manufacturer of the Mainair Blade 912S trike that Colin Bodill flew around the world,* has announced that Bill Dickert of the Florida-Georgia Flight Center near Gainesville, Florida is the new U.S. representative for the British line of Blade and Rapier trike microlights (the international term for ultralight ). "We have a new representative in the USA with Bill Dickert of the Florida-Georgia Flight Center, reports Mainair Sports director Roger Patrick. "Bill can train new trike pilots either at his home base near Gainesville, Florida, or travel [across the U.S. to train them".

Dickert offers trike training at the Cross City Airport (CTY) in Cross City, Florida. He says he "loves to travel, and is developing a "2-place trike trailer to transport two trikes c one for his customer and another for him to fly and train in when he reaches his destination. Dickert indicates he may market the trailer to the ultralight industry by this summer. Dickerts distributorship will offer Mainair Sports full line of Blade and Rapier trikes. The Lancashire, England manufacturer offers both ready-to-fly trikes and kits (which include a factory-built trike wing). Dickert loves to fly trikes, and says he has logged "more than 600 hours flight time during the last 6 years.

The Florida-Georgia Flight Center is also a dealership for AirBorne Windsports, Dickert indicates. AirBorne is an Australian trike manufacturer, as well as a producer of nonpowered (foot-launched free-flight) hang gliders.

*See "Flightlines: Another Round the World Challenge in a Microlight May 00 UF! ; "Flightlines: Round the World Flight Update, August 00 UF!; "Flightlines: Where Are They? Microlight and Helicopter Round the World Flight, September 00 UF! .
- Buzz Chalmers

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