More Trike Wing Innovation From Gibson

Swing Wing Option on GibboGear Trike Wings

GibboGear's new Swing Wing option is shown here on a BabyButterfly trike wing mounted on the BB Trike imported from Hungary. The braced "nose post" (sticking up above the wing's nose) and extra pair of top wires support each leading edge as the wings are swung open or closed.

Mark "Gibbo" Gibson's trike wing manufacturing company, Butterfly Wings by GibboGear, is getting a reputation for innovations in trike wing design and convenience. Identifying a "niche market" for a stable trike wing with easy and predictable handling characteristics, Gibson began making and marketing his Butterfly trike wing. Gibson used his experience as a World Class hang gliding competition pilot and hang glider designer to develop the single-surface Butterfly trike wing,* designed for stability in turbulence as well as easy and predictable handling during takeoffs and landings. The Butterfly trike wing continues to be the company's "bread and butter" product, according to Gibson.

Located at the Lake Wales Municipal Airport (XØ7), Butterfly Wings by GibboGear's product line has expanded rapidly since Gibson started manufacturing trike wings in '99. The company's products now include the single-surface Butterfly trike wing (in three sizes - the original 21-meter Butterfly trike wing, the 17-meter BabyButterfly** and the just-released 15-meter MiniButterfly), the faster double-surface Firefly trike wing*** (a higher-performing trike wing for more experienced trike pilots), and the BB Trike****( a top-of-the-line fully loaded trike Gibson imports from Hungary). And now, GibboGear has released their patent-pending Swing Wing - an innovative option to speed the time-consuming chore of many trikers who set up their trike wings (usually a 20- to 30-minute task) each time before they fly and break them down again at day's end.

"Have you ever dreamed of a trike wing that would just swing open?" GibboGear asks. Well, Gibson did, and now he has designed and developed one, available on all GibboGear trike wings.

"Using a small braced 'nose post' [similar to a kingpost] and an extra top wire, we are able to swing the wings' leading edges open and closed like a gate with the aid of a 2-to-1 pulley system attached to the pull-back [wing tensioning] cable," GibboGear explains. "The Swing Wing comes with a special protective bag that covers the folded wings, allowing the still-attached control bar and lower (flying) wires to stick out, so the entire trike and wing can be trailered."

Word of the Swing Wing option already has spread among trikers and potential trikers. The Swing Wing option is being ordered on 30% of GibboGear's trike wings, Gibson claims.

Price for GibboGear's Swing Wing option is $400.

- Buzz Chalmers

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Info pack: free. Butterfly Wings by GibboGear, 260 S. Airport Rd., Hangar 1, Dept. UF, Lake Wales, FL 33853. Phone: (863) 679-6383 * e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .