Two-Axis Powered Parachute Simulator

Swinging in the Wind

Flightline Paraflite's 2-axis powered parachute simulator allows pilot training to continue regardless of wind conditions. The simulator is also claimed to reduce airborne training by 1 hour.

Flightline Paraflite - Hank Austin's West Michigan powered parachute dealership and training center - is touting a new simulator they claim is "the world's first 2-axis flight simulator for powered parachutes."

Austin says the new simulator allows training to continue regardless of wind conditions. "A major factor in training time for new students is wind," Austin notes. "A 5-mph wind can substantially prolong training, while stronger winds will stop powered parachute training altogether. The new simulator allows powered parachute training to continue regardless of wind velocity."

Average student flight training times at Austin's Shelby Paraflite School in western Michigan normally run 4 hours using SYCON-Aircraft's Chiron elliptical canopy wing, according to the company. "Our airborne training time is now reduced by 1 hour because of the simulator," Austin reports.

"Only one other powered parachute simulator exists in the U.S.," Austin claims, "and it is a single-axis unit. Flightline Paraflite's 2-axis simulator is the first of its type in the world."

Flightline Paraflite's trainer simulates the yaw and pitch axes. (The training center reports they use other training aids to simulate the roll axis.) "The beauty of our simulator is it can be used on windy days, and it can be used with any existing powered parachute," Austin says.

Austin says he has been active for 4 years in developing powered parachute training, including producing the 2-hour How to Fly a Powered Parachute video, as well as other training videotapes. Among his accomplishments Austin claims the first comprehensive flight training syllabus specifically for powered parachutes, and importing and establishing the use of elliptical canopy wings in the United States. He also developed the amphibious Explorer powered parachute.*- Buzz Chalmers

*See "Industry Watch: Buckeye Powered Parachute 'Explores' Water," April '97 Ultralight Flying! magazine

Info: Flightline Paraflite, 4670 W. Woodrow Rd., Dept. UF, Shelby, MI 49455. Phone: (231) 861-7279 * e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .