GibboGear Offers BabyButterfly BB Trike

Butterfly Wings by GibboGear is putting their BabyButterfly trike wing - a smaller version of their "bread and butter" Butterfly trike wing - on the top-of-the-line BB Trike carriage, imported from Hungary. Other trike wings can also be used on the BB Trike. And no, the "BB" in BB Trike does not stand for "BabyButterfly" (or "bread and butter") - it's just what people started calling the trike when designer Janos Bogdola first developed it.

Butterfly Wings by GibboGear has added a top-of-the-line trike carriage - the BB Trike from Hungary - to their product line of Butterfly and Humvee trikes and three trike wings: the original Butterfly and new BabyButterfly* single-surface wings and the double-surface FireFly** wing.

The combination of a BB Trike and a GibboGear trike wing will cost you "about half the price of most top-end trikes on the market today," claims GibboGear president and Butterfly designer Mark "Gibbo" Gibson. He backs up his claim with the following trike-carriage-only retail prices.

The 2-seat BB 503 Trike with a 46-hp single-carb Rotax 503 2-cycle aircraft engine, Rotax B gearbox reduction drive, Tennessee Propellers 2-blade wood prop, and instruments (tach, CHT and EGT gauges) costs $8,795 (without wing). The 2-seat BB 447 Trike with a 40-hp single-carb Rotax 447 2-cycle aircraft engine, Rotax B gearbox reduction drive, Tennessee Propellers 2-blade wood prop, and instruments (tach, CHT and EGT gauges) costs $700 less at $8,095. And the single-seat Part 103 BB 340 Trike - a "soaring trike" - with a 30-hp Kawasaki 340 belt-driven 2-cycle engine spinning a Tennessee Propellers 2-blade wooden prop, 5-gallon fuel tank, and a tachometer retails for $6,995.

So what will the trike wing cost you? The 17.5-meter (195-square-foot) BabyButterfly wing costs $2,900; the 240-square-foot Butterfly wing sells for $3,700; and the faster double-surface FireFly trike wing retails for $3,900, Gibson notes for the three trike wings GibboGear sells. Gibson reports all three GibboGear wings (as well as others) can be used on the BB Trike carriage.

Standard features of the BB Trike carriage include: full frontal fairing (pilot pod) with instrument panel, wheel pants, wide seats with lap and shoulder pilot restraints, dual steering with foot and hand throttles, dual main wheel drum brakes, main wheel suspension, folding mast, 10-gallon fuel tank, and rubber vibration-isolating engine mounts.

The BB Trike gives ultralighters a trike with "low overall height and good ground clearance," the company says, as well as light weight. Without engine, the BB Trike carriage weighs 92 pounds; with a Rotax 503 engine, it weighs 188 pounds.

- Buzz Chalmers

*See "Industry Watch: BabyButterfly Trike Wing," November '01 Ultralight Flying! magazine

**See "Industry Watch: In the Works - New FireFly Trike Wing," September '01 UF! magazine

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