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From Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine

Aug ’12  Highlander's High Points
Jul ’12  Turbocharged HKS-Powered Breese
Jun ’12  Brand-New Bristell
May ’12  Soarable Solairus (new North Wing ultralight trike)
Apr ’12  An All-American Renegade
Mar ’12 The First American-Made Allegro
Feb ’12  No Pilot Report
Jan ’12  Biggest Bang for the Buck: 12 High-Value Fixed-Wing Ultralights 
Nov /Dec ’11 AirCam and Super Drifter Ultralight Roots 
Oct ’11 FK12 Comet: Rare Biplane
Sep ’11 eBirds Proliferate: More Ultralights Fly With Juice
Aug ’11 Zenith's STOL CH 750
Jul ’11   Flying With Juice: Electric-Powered Aircraft Maintain Fast Development
Jun ’11  AirBorne's"T-Lite" Thermalite+Core  (Trike and new win)
May ’11  Lucky Stars III
Apr ’11  Evektor's Refined SportStar LSA
Mar ’11  A Flock of LSA Flies to the Islands
Feb ’11  The CheetahXLS
Jan ’11  no pilot report this month
Dec ’10   Jabiru-Powered RANS S-19 Venterra 
Nov ’10    Remos GX Aviator II
Oct ’10     Flying Cessna's Skycatcher
Sep ’10    Introducing the iCub
Aug ’10    Going for an Aerotrek
Jul ’10      Innovator Technologies Hovers Into Ultralight Market 
Jun ’10     All-American Revo Trike
May ’10    Weighing in on the Superlite
Apr  ’10     Breezer II, Take Two
Mar ’10     Piper Returns to Basics
Feb ’10     Significant Transition: A Roadster On the Fly
Jan ’10      Best-Selling RANS S-6 Series 


Dec ’09      Fk LIghtplanes Offers a Trio of Choices

Nov ’09      Wings of Freedom Phoenix-103

Oct ’09       The New SeaRey

Sep ’09      Electric Aeroplanes - The Intersection of Electric Power and Ultralights

Aug ’09      Gentle Alabama Breese 2 DS 

Jul ’09        Cape Town Amphib Proves FPNA Capabilities

Jun ’09       ICON: The Company

May ’09      Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Marks 25 Years 

Apr. ’09       SeaMax Amphibian LSA 

Mar. ’09      The Gull 2000 Can Help You Fly

Feb. ’09      Rotax Power Makes Savage a Different Taildragger

Jan. ’09       An AirBorne Tale of Two Trikes




 Dec. ’08       The New Kolb Aircraft Does It All

 Nov. ’08       Paradise P-1

 Oct. ’08         RANS S-7 Courier LS

Sep. ’08         Fly for Fun, For Cheap - A Compilation of  9 Affordable Ultralights and LSA

Aug ’08          Reconfigured X-Air LS

Jul ’08            New German Manufacturer Produces Breezer II 

Jun ’08           CGS Aviation Hawk Goes SLSA

May ’08           Lambada’s Choice                                LSA motorglider

Apr ’08            The T-Bird I                                           single-seater

Mar ’08           Jihlavan’s KP-5 Skyleader                     LSA

Feb ’08           Flying the PUMA

Jan ’08            Higher Class Aviation’s Sport Hornet



Dec ’07       The Tecnam Sierra                                S-LSA

Nov '07       The Phantom Classic                             Ultralight 

Oct '07        Jabiru USA's J170                                 2-seater 

Sep '07        The Fire Fly                                           LSA 

Aug '07        The Valor A-22                                      2-seater

Jul ’07          Aero Adventure Aventura II                  2-seater    

Jun ’07         Super Drifter 912                                  2-seater    

May ’07         The Murphy Rebel                               LSA

Apr ’07          Aeropro EuroFox (Rollison LSA)          LSA

Mar ’07         SeaRey Amphibious Hulled Aircraft      2-seater             

Feb ’07         Zenith Aircraft’s STOL CH 701             LSA  

Jan ’07         Comco Ikarus C42B                              LSA  




Dec ’06         Rainbow Sport Aviation 3X55 Traine         LSA

Nov ’06         Taking Aim With the Sky Arrow                 LSA

Oct ’06         The Hawk II Arrow                                     2-seater

Sep ’06        The Breese II DS                                         2-seater

Aug ’06        Quicksilver GT 500                                      2-seater

Jul ’06          Flying the FK-9 Mark IV                               2-seat LSA

Jun ’06         Riding the LSA SportRider                           2-seat LSA   

May ’06        Air Creation Tanarg                                      trike

Apr ’06         Just Aircraft’s Highlander                              2-seater

Mar ’06         Heldeberg Designs’ Blue Heron                    powered parachute  

Feb ’06         Sky Skooter (IndUS Aviation)                       2-seater

Jan ’06         CGS Aviation’s Part 103 Hawk Ultra            single-seater




Dec ’05         Navajo                                                             trike

Nov ’05         Sprint 1000 on floats                                       2-seater

Oct ’05         Sinus Motorglider                                             2-seater

Sep ’05         Aeros International Velocity                             trike

Aug ’05         Sky Ranger                                                      2-seater       

Jul ’05          The Corsario Amphibian                                    2-seater

Jun ’05         Lil’ Breezy B-Model                                            2-seater

May ’05        Allegro 2000                                                       2-seater                

Apr ’05         North Wing Coyote                                             trike

Mar ’05         Evektor’s Eurostar                                             2-seater

Feb ’05         Quicksilver Sport

Jan ’05         Randkar’s Xair H                                                 2-seater 




Dec ’04         Air Creation’s Clipper 912/iXess Wing, Fun 450   trikes          

Nov ’04         Aeropro EuroFox                                                  2-seater       

Oct ’04         CGS Hawk Sport                                                   single-seater      

Sep ’04         Infinity Power Parachutes                                      powered parachute  

Aug ’04         Thorp T-211 Sport E                                              2-seater

Jul ’04          Italy’s Ramphos Flying Boat                                   Amphib. Trike      

Jun ’04         Strutted Quicksilver on Full Lotus Floats               2-seater     

May ’04         Titan Tornado II 912                                              2-seater       

Apr ’04         AirBorne’s Top XT Trike                                         trike 

Mar ’04         Refined Kolb Mark III                                              2-seater       

Feb ’04         Sabre Aircraft’s New Wildcat Trike                        trike

Jan ’04         Breese DS with HKS engine                                   single-seater     



Dec ’03         Flight Design CT2K                                        2-seater

Nov ’03         Summit Powered Parachutes Summit II         powered chute

Oct ’03         Golden Circle Air’s T-Bird I                             single-seater

Sep ’03         North Wing Design’s Apache Sport                trike

Aug ’03         Quicksilver’s GT 500                                      2-seater

Jul ’03           Ison Aircraft’s Eros                                         single-seater

Jun ’03         Just Aircraft’s Escapade                                 2-seater

May ’03        Air Création’s High-Perf. Floats                       trike and floats

Apr ’03         CGS Aviation Hawk II Arrow                           2-seater

Mar ’03         Gemini Powered Parachute                            powered parachute

Feb ’03         Cosmos Phase III Trike                                  trike

Jan ’03         UltraCruiser Fun Plane                                   single-seater




Dec ’02         Evektor SportStar                               2-seater

Nov ’02         Aquilair’s Aquilair Swing                      trike

Oct ’02         Sky Rider Xair Standard                      2-seater

Sep ’02         The TC Trike                                       trike

Aug ’02         TNKA’s FireStar, Flyer, Sport 600  

Jul ’02          Krücker Mfg. Kalypso                            trike

Jun ’02         Euro ALA USA Jet Fox 97                     2-seater

May ’02        Aero-Works Aero-Lite revisited             single-seater

Apr ’02         Aerotrike Cobra                                      trike

Mar ’02         Flying K’s Sky Raider                             2-seater

Feb ’02         Solo Wings Aquilla                                  Trike

Jan ’02         SlipStream’s Scepter                              Single-seater




Dec ’01         S-18 Stinger II                                         2-seater

Nov ’01         Powrachute PC2000                        Powered Parachute

Oct ’01         Quantum 912 and CT                       Trike and 2-seater

Sep’01         Rocky Mountain Wings Ridge Runner

Aug ’01         Sky Ranger

Jul ’01         Destiny                                          Powered Parachute

Jun ’01         Aeroprakt’s A-20 Vista Cruiser                        

May ’01         Air Création’s Buggy with Kiss Wing    Trike

Apr ’01         Breese 2DS

Mar ’01         Super Drifter XL with Rotax 912S         

Feb ’01         North Wing Design’s Loaded Apache       Trike

Jan ’01         Single-Seat Gull 2000                   Single-Seater




Dec ’00         Phantom X1-E                                 Single-Seater

Nov ’00         Tandem Kolbra ULT

Oct ’00         AirBorne’s Streak 2000          Trike

Sept ’00         The New Flightstar II Sport Cabin

Aug ’00         Flying K’s Sky Raider                           Single-Seater

Jul ’00         Quicksilver’s New Sport 2S

Jun ’00         Interplane’s Skyboy Ultralight Trainer

May ’00         New Aeros Venture from Sabre         Trike

Apr ’00         Canada’s Popular Beaver Gets a New Lease on Life

Mar ’00         Golden Circle’s Side-by-Side T-Bird

Feb ’00         Lookout Mountain Flight Park’s SkyCycle              Trike

Jan ’00         Quicksilver’s GT 400                     Single-Seater




Dec ’99         Getting Up On a Breese (SS, DS)         Single-Seaters

Nov ’99         RANS Stinger Finally Arrives         Single-Seater

Oct ’99         Famous Phantom                            Single-Seater

Sep ’99         North Wing Design’s Maverick              Trike

Aug ’99         New and Improved Flightstar II SL

Jul ’99         SkyStar Does Lite Right             Single-Seater

Jun ’99         The New Kolb Aircraft

May ’99         Flying the HKS-Powered Hurricane Hauler  Single-Seat

Apr ’99         Air Création’s Buggy Trike          Trike

Mar ’99         Are They Back? Quicksilver MXL II Sport

Feb ’99         The Aerotrike Safari From South Africa                  Trike

Jan ’99         CGS Aviation’s Hawk Plus            Single-Seater




Dec ’98         Flying the Talon Super Magnum         Single-Seater

Nov ’98         Buckeye’s New Convertible Ultralights         Trike/PP

Oct ’98         An Avid for Ultralighters                Single-Seater

Sep ’98         Flying Carlson’s Sparrow               Single-Seater

Aug ’98         The Drifter’s a Classic

Jul ’98         The Para-Ski X-Treme                          Powered Parachute

Jun ’98         ASAP’s Chinook

May ’98         Ultralights and the New HKS Engine

Apr ’98         Doin’ the Samba                             Trike

Mar ’98         Eye On the SkyWatch

Feb ’98         AirBorne’s Edge X Wizard Trike Trike

Jan ’98         Flirting With the Flitplane               Single-Seater


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