Here I Am


Jack French flying with Moon Shadow. Probably the Sun-n-Fun Fly-In, spring '80. 

Hi Tracy,

Remember me?

On page 24 of your September issue is a guy flying a white 
Fledge 2-A. It's me, Jack French! I'm still alive!

I appeared a number of times in your publication in the early days, and just had the Fledge rebuilt. She and I had our first flight this year on Fathers Day. Altitude density has kept us on the ground since then (the engine is only 8 horsepower) but the weather is cooling off here in Maryland, and I'll be back in the air soon.

My one of a kind Manta Fledgling II-A (
Moon Shadow) is:

  • weight shift - pitch
  • wingtip rudders for roll
  • 8 hp. Soarmaster pusher prop
  • 10:1 glide ratio
  • steerable taildragger
  • hand-deployed emergency parachute
  • designed and test flown by me, for thermal soaring
  • 24-mph stall, 40-mph max speed 

I have set many (first  to do) records with the Fledge and
flown in the Sun-n-Fun and Oshkosh air shows.

I am now 65 years old, and a survivor from the original Miami Hanglider Ultralight Club.


Smooth landings,

Jack French