International Pterodactyl Club Takes Flight

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The first Pterodactyl Pfledge flew in 1977 and five Pterodactyl models are still available today, supported by DFE Ultralights in Pennsylvania. During the Pterodactyl's 26-year production run, with more than 1,400 ultralights produced, a type club has never been formed for these models.

Over the years 'Dactyl drivers have earned a reputation for being an independent breed of pilot, which is probably why they never organized. However, there is still a need for a type club through which to share information.

That need has been filled with the launch of the International Pterodactyl Club (IPC), a nonprofit club dedicated to keeping Pterodactyls flying. Supporting all the different Pterodactyls and DFE models, the club is an online service entirely free of charge. Interested 'Dactyl pilots and aficionados of the unique design are invited to check out the IPC Website. Browsers will find articles, photos, safety information, an online forum, guestbook and lots more. And you can ask questions, send photos and share your Pterodactyl stories.

Pterodactyl Club Website: .

­ Report filed by Adam Hunt

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