Phantom Aircraft Builds Seven Subassemblies

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Phantom Aircraft - manufacturer of the venerable single-seat Phantoms (the enclosed-cockpit Phantom X-1e model is pictured here) - has now made it easier on their customers by building seven subassemblies at the factory (at no additional charge), reducing kit build time by an estimated 25%, according to Phantom Aircraft.

After completing a labor cost study on building and assembling certain components of their Phantom ultralight kits, Phantom Aircraft - manufacturer of the venerable Phantom line of single-seat ultralights - "was surprised to find it only cost us $37 more to assemble the components for our customers [compared to bagging, marking and grouping the same components]," reports Phantom president Pat Schultheis. "All Phantom kits now have seven different assemblies done for the customer at the factory at no extra charge." Phantom expects the net result of these kit changes to be some very happy customers.

"We now give the customer the lower cage all framed, the tail assemblies built (the customer still covers them with fabric), the control stick assembled, the ailerons framed and covered, the fiberglass pod body has the mounting holes cut out, the keel tube comes with all the brackets mounted, and the motor mount has the main brackets installed," Schultheis elaborates. "This should save the customer about 25% of the assembly time." The open-air Phantom X-1 has an assembly time listed as 125 to 150 hours, and the enclosed-cockpit Phantom X-1e is listed as 90 to 180 hours. Those assembly times should be reduced 25% due to the extra assembly now done at the factory.

"By adding his wheels to the landing gear," Phantom Aircraft says, the new Phantom owner "can sit in his rolling cage in his living room that first night, making vroom vroom sounds." That is, "if he or she has an understanding spouse," Schultheis quips. "We found that customers needed an incentive to get started on their building project, so we made it very easy for them."

- Buzz Chalmers

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